Originating in San Francisco, Maker Faire’s are now available for  people all around the world who want to be a part of something great. One  of the greatest qualities a person can have is the ability to turn their ideas into  something real. Maker Faire’s are hubs for communities of innovators, of all  types and levels. This includes: artists, scientists, performers, crafters,  engineers, and more. The only qualification is the want to create, innovate,  and be a part of something global, brilliant, and imaginative.  

Perhaps the best news of all, is that Skopje will be holding a Skopje Mini Maker Faire on September 27th, 2022. 

Don’t wait, sign up now! Get your FREE ticket on the  Skopje Maker Faire Website and find more information in regards to who will  exhibit. Additionally, if you’d like to become a volunteer, email  your name, age, and phone number to: skopje.makerfaire@gmail.com.  


Being a part of the Maker Faire, whether as a visitor or as an exhibitor  holds the promise of being a part of something truly wonderful. It’s the  perfect opportunity to foster important talents that can really change your life.  STEM, short for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics—has  vital skills attached to it, such as: problem solving, creativity, critical thinking,  decision making, leadership, curiosity, and so much more. Learn more about  yourself and the world through playing a part in this celebration of  innovation.  

The best way to highlight more of what makes the Maker Faire so  great, is to mention some of the Makers from the past. In 2019, Bitola hosted  the first ever Mini Maker Faire in North Macedonia. This fair was an  incredible success with projects such as: models of smart homes designed by  IT students, recycling projects making art from garbage, artists of different  types, video game designers, and so much more. Last year, Makers used their  resources and innovated all sorts of creations, from a 3D printed Robot, to an  Endless Circle, to entire applications. The success of past Maker Faires, holds  the promise of an increase of creativity and design in North Macedonia, and  around the rest of the world. Maker Faires are shaping the future, and  changing the lives of all those who take the opportunity given to them, to be a  part of it.